When is the right time?

I think, the power of “the right time” give tremendous impact in our life. Telling someone the bitter truth at the wrong good time may give rise to a disastrous war, or just a long period of cold silences – you know what I mean if you’re woman.hah!

Needless to say, every beautiful thing happen on a beautiful right time, a suitable time when everything just turned out so nicely, smoothly. What happen if, by any chance something happen on the wrong time? How would you react and the most important is, how would you know that it was JUST a wrong time, not a wrong choice.

I know, part of this discussion would directed to relationship between humans. So, let us take that subject as a simple example. From the start of the process in creating a bridge or bond between two peoples, the right time has become a major indicator; whether you will be accepted or rejected.

How would you know when is the right time to make a move forward?

It is easy. Make a move when you’re ready. Be patient even you can’t hold the urge like hell, and grow your confident. Being so much ready, means that you know what to do when you are accepted, you know how to build a world with the person, and you have everything that you need along the process. In case you are rejected, you can tolerate and accept the rejection without bad depression. It is what we called readiness.

You might be surprised, the person that reject you when the time is wrong, will accept you when the time is right.

Advising someone, and when to explode your angriness also have to do with the right time. I guess, everything on this planet needs a right time. Like, if a mom feels the pain of giving birth,if it is not the right time, the baby won’t come out. The mom have to endure the pain until the time has come.

So, try hard to be patient. If you are tired of being patient,then forget it. It is just the matter of time.

*que sera sera*
*que sera sera*

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