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After graduation, what next?


Day by day, it getting closer and for me, it is not the most important occasion in my entire life. Yes, in a sense, it is important and a huge matter. But not if compared to “what I will do after I graduated” thoughts that had been haunting me since..erm since my first year. Haha. Okay, I know it was too early to think about that on my first year of study. The thought just keep on and on until recently, I realized that it shouldn’t left floated on my cage of mind. I ought to think it deeply.

I am not excited to graduate until I know what would be my next. I mean, until I know what I should do after graduated. I am not used to this. It’s weird for not having a goal, or a single idea that I confident with. I want back my passion in creating ambition.

So, I asked so many people about what I should do (although I know it is funny to ask people about our destiny and our life). Nothing got me satisfied. Their answers were just “what do you want to be?” , “Follow your desire” etc etc which I felt like “wait, did you just throw the question back to me?”, and I ashamedly answered in my heart –  I don’t know.

Few days ago, I asked my best mate while we were walking around. She asked me to work. But, I love, deadly love to study (*the thing is – I don’t know what to study on. haha) And her explanations are reasonable.

She said “until WHEN you want to study? Until you get old and older? Get out, and get a life”

“Until when?” Hah.


“Until when?”

Seriously, this post will be continued

Travelling? I'm so in!

Travelling? I’m so in!


3 thoughts on “After graduation, what next?

  1. So how long until your graduation?

    If everything goes well, mine will be about one year later. This same question begin lurking in my mind too.. after graduation, what next? I still couldn’t figure it out yet. But then an idea strike me: It’s very important to think about after-graduation things, but it’s equally important to think about the before-graduation things! It’s like reflecting on the things we haven’t accomplish. Thinking about after-graduation is often scary because possibilities are endless, but thinking about before-graduation would be more concrete, here-and-now, and time-bound. So I’m planning to hold an event where me & my friends can share what each of us want to do before graduation. I hope it could ignite motivation among us to really achieve what we want and finally graduate with no regret.

    Yes please continue the post, I’m looking forward to it. 🙂


  2. izniarifahshuib says:

    Mine would be another one semester, InsyaAllah, pray for me 🙂

    Yes, the possibility is endless after graduation and one thing that can narrow it down and bring us to ‘somewhere’ is just our passion and goal. After graduated, we belong to the open world and society.While we are doing our best before graduated, we have to slowly decide what’s next after the graduation. So that we wouldn’t loss our track when we are ‘free’ later. My lecturer once said, after you finish your study, you have to be someone, do not loss over the crowd, stand out and have integrity in your life – no matter what you’ll be.

    So, all the best for your remaining one year, and surely I will continue the post, just need a suitable long time to really write about it. Thanks afina 🙂


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