a gift

Today is magical. Totally miracle. I am almost burst into tears and felt like screaming out loud to the world. Before I went out settling my phone bill, I read a book review. A book that was written by a figure that I admired. Newly admired, to be exact. He wrote everything from his pure heart, all his experiences, dreams, journeys, joys and tears, motivations and every single word are meaningful – I seldom felt this kind of strong connection and emotion while reading a book. This book is special, maybe because part of his stories are just the same like mine.

So, I went out. After everything was settled, I wandered around the bookstore and tried to find the book from shelf to shelf even I knew that the possibility to find the book is very low because the bookstore is so small, and the book that I looking for is so on top of the bestseller-list. I don’t know why but I keep on searching. Almost four to five shelves I passed by, no, the book wasn’t there.

Okay, this is the last shelf, I told my self. If I still can’t see the book, I will walk out. I will get the book one find day, I will put the book on my want-to-read book list and look for it later.

And pap! My eyes stopped on the quarter-half of the rack and focused on one of the book spines. Exactly the same tittle, the same author, cover and colour and it just left one copy. Only one copy! Beautifully wrapped with clear plastic, as if it was really for me. It was so precious to let the book stay still on its place. I afraid if I would never find the book again. So, I grabbed it quickly, my heart raced like crazy and I’m in half-frozen state. Lucky me, and I felt so much special.

Usually, the books that I deadly want – are so hard to find on the rack. I know, miracle did exist and as long as you keep on searching, you will find it someday. Today is just my day, and it was magical. I have a strong fate with the book right? hehe, now I feel weird. Why I wrote my journey of buying a book this long and full of reflection?


2 thoughts on “a gift

  1. Dear Izni,
    I hope we can meet up when I am back home this June. Bring over your copy of UYDL and it will be an honour to sign your coy of my book.
    Dream big dear and believe!
    I can see bright future ahead of you and yes..
    Keep on writing.
    You are such an inspiration.
    Salam dari Liverpool
    Nazali Noor

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    • izniarifahshuib says:

      Thanks abg naz. I never expected you come across this deserted blog n found this piece. InsyaAllah, terujaaa nak jumpa nnti. Keep on inspiring! Pray for me.


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