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New semester!


Third day of this new semester. A very important and exciting semester – it should be.

So, how was your first day? Mine is nothing abnormal. Everything was set back to its place, Alhamdulillah. Started again my study life, but hopefully with some differences. I did set some targets and goals, and some time tables. All I need is discipline. Hah. Exactly!

Guess what? I took Mandarin class!

Another wild decision I made after taking Japanese Language last semester. The same doubt arose – Can I handle this? Could it be harder than Japanese? What is the worst thing can happen? Bla bla bla of pointless thoughts and speculations. Haha. But seriously, it seems scary compared to Japanese. Will try my very best InsyaAllah.

First day of Mandarin class, I felt like a tourist that walked through a timeline museum of China’s history. From Dynasty of Zhou to this present times, their unique and beautiful attires that I adored since I was a kid, their early history, wars, legends and all that; apart of thousands of yawn, I really enjoyed the story. Huge fan of Chinese dramas’ I am! Most of the films that took place at the Forbidden Palace were set back regarded to Han Dynasty, the most successful Dynasty. I can talk about the dramas the whole day, my childhood times was full with that :]

Attending Aquaculture class. Being in this class, I create my own virtual-thought-dream-bubble-mind. Prof Lee said that Aquaculture is a bright field. Everyone can culture whatever they want (but surely with adequate knowledge). It would be a really good business. Honestly, the thought of doing aquaculture was appeared since I took Invertebrate class, last year. Prof Shab keep mentioning and encouraging us to do aquaculture during the class.

Could it be that I’m the next aquaculturist?

Haha. Let see.

Oh btw, Saif Adam’s music is worth listening to. I just know his name, and happened to hear his voice. Maybe I’m a bit late knowing him, but his voice is beautiful.Try listen to “After Hardship Comes Ease”. Message beyond the song is lovely and motivating. I’m addicted.

cause ALLAH is there - Saif Adam

cause ALLAH is there ! – Saif Adam


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