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a knock-up

We are merely nothing if we are still in the prison, the old prison that restricts us from move on and get a better, quality life. To be a level upper from the place we are standing now, we have to do some improvements, and keep the consistency. Yes, sometimes we doesn’t understand how fast our life trail move and suddenly, we realize that we are just a step very close to death. Afraid that we doesn’t have good enough ‘presentation’ to The Most Gracious on that time, we must start from now.

There should be a point where we realize that “I should move on”, “I should prepare something”, “I can’t be like this anymore”, and those type of self-knock-up that lead us to a point.

I have some lists that I created long time before, and did consistent with that . But you know, as human’s imaan has its up and down – sometimes (most of the time!) I sink below the wave. The world wave that keep seducing weak peoples like me. Well, I add some more below my old lists just to tell myself that I have to really work hard to be a better one. I’m not forever young. I will die. I don’t want to be a regular person living in this world. I want to be someone different, internally.

Ok, below is the lists. I know nobody will read this (maybe?), but who knows if someone found this, he/she will have some idea of improving themselves? I really hope so.

  1. Deed-check list

A list that you have to face at the end of your day. It is a table, filled with day and date, consist of everything that you wish to do in a day. For example, earlier daily prayers, dhuha, tahajjud, talking good to others, selawat, fasting, al-Mulk before sleep, read a page or two of Al-Quran, find new hadith/ new knowledge, and so on. Paste it down somewhere you often see as a reminder and you just need to honestly tick down the deeds that you had successfully done, and reflect your day. It is motivating, trust me!

2.  Improve your tajweed

Brush up your old-tajweed knowledge by any mean that you comfort with. Here comes in the power of gadget and IT, make a full use of it and own a book to jot down your tajweed lessons. Improve them, you don’t want your kids laugh at you later?

3.  Read new book (whatever book)

4.   Find and memorise new recitation (e.g dua after dhuha prayer)

5.   Make a to-do list every day to maximize your time usage.

Consistency is the policy. Doing step by step our planned self-improvement is like adjusting ourselves to a better place. You can feel that you is closer to yourself. Ever feel that? I don’t know how to explain it literally, but it is a kind of teaching and communicate to your inner self.

You can add-on everything you want, and challenge yourself. There’s no such reason of not having adequate time. You will always have a time for something you really love and care of. Ok, that’s for me. Heh.

Till then. Let us improve ourselves for a better life in the future. Pray!


Cause He knows all
No compromise
Hears your laughs
Feels your cries
He is there all the time

(Trust in Allah by Saif Adam)

deadly in love with this song! :]


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