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Tiring Monday although it was a cozy day. Struggled to stay awake in the 3-hours-period-evening class, settling the unfinished thingy in the lab, with some acid solution on my blouse – really? The blouse was given by someone! And all the hurricane that I just passed by, I can’t imagine if I decided to take another class of SCUBA. Should I fit myself into the class? Still thinking.

Ecotoxicology class made my classmates and I – at least me, being so paranoid, and extra careful on everything that we used in daily life. It is not a huge revelation I guess, maybe we already know those facts. We just ignored them because it is the least thing we can do, right? We can’t do anything to control those radioactive that are freely emitted and floated in our atmosphere.

It is not surprise to know that the most dangerous substance may exists next to us, now. Take Mercury as example. It can be found in mobile phone and even in the pen that we use everyday. Not to mention, it was also Mercury that caused Minamata outbreak in Japan.

We might see a little tiny action as a nothing-wrong deed, but we often doesn’t extend out our mind to think the fate of the action. It is what we had experienced during the beginning of the industrial and agricultural revolutions; they just focus on products, and money with large ignorance to the environmental issues that may resulted in. It wasn’t their fault though because there was no environmental history issue for them to refer.

Depleted ozone layer, bad water quality and you name it – they can be called as boomerang. Previous potential activities that show their consequences later. Simply said, old generation did the activities, present/future generation experienced the consequences. You throw something now, later it will return back to you. What goes around comes around.

I hate to think the possible green solution for those type of environmental issues. It will end up with nothing, no solid solution. Maybe it is too late for any thorough solution?

Can’t wait to attend a talk on “Lynas Advanced Materials Plant – The Real Story” in this coming March. We just talked about that in today’s class.


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