of hidden reality

I had my unfallen tears holding on my eyes. As long as I doesn’t give it a blink, the tears will remain, and perhaps I could give enough time for it to dry up by itself. My heart ached and become more aching as I look deep into her eyes. She is smiling but I know, she hurts.

I can see the sorrow inside her. The feeling of not being appreciated by her parents for everything she had achieved. Her parents are too busy entertaining this hollow world, and keep embarrassing in showing their love to her.

“Have you tried calling them?”

I asked.

She nodded. Long after that, she released out a heavy burden sound. “Yes, I did. That day, when..”

She seemed to not be able to continue on her words. I give a gentle touch on her left shoulder. I understand, it is hard for her to open and pour down everything that are nested inside her heart cage. It is difficult.


Sun had set down –  beautifully, goldenly. Just try to record a part of the pieces of nowadays reality. Maybe some of us had a perfect family, had been showered by a lots of warm love by their parents and everyone around them.

But not everybody experienced the same. Maybe the smiling faces that we met every single day, have their own hidden story. Story of their lacking of love, and attention from their families. Until they decided to just stand still, and smile for everything remain. I wonder, how parents could be so ignorance. I know they wouldn’t.

But maybe if they can change their way a little bit? Maybe they can try express some love to their children so that they wouldn’t feel so lonely on this world. Maybe?

Pity her. I know she can survive. I will be with her, till the end I promised.

Just a story. Deserted one.

Camera 360
gambar hiasan :]


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