It was like a dream comes true, and jumping further towards the passion, wow – I can see the ‘game’. Mandarin is a way more difficult than Japanese. Seriously.

Today marked the moment; our first moment learning basic daily dialogues and some Chinese writings. Chinese writings, if compared to that of Japanese or Arabic, haha speechless.

And faint.

But I know I can do it. Pray! And practice a lot and a lot.

Laoshi (teacher) showed us a good video on how those words evolved from time to time, and it is interesting to know that those complicated-looking strokes were first invented just by simple drawing (pictograph) and symbolization. Special isn’t? Each word has its story. Like, writing hao (good), is actually the picture combination of a woman holding her baby with love. And this action, transform into few strokes and finally it was said – hao. There’s a lot more words that resulted from those kind of technique. I remembered how Tong Pak Fu (a character in Chinese film) really expert on this matter, solving complicated puzzle from Chinese words.

And today I successfully said xiexie (thank you) to Laoshi. Omedetou! (Congrats in Japanese). Self-challenge accomplished. Surviving alone in a foreign language class, up until today I have 3 more new friends.

Nelly also found his new friend, maybe from the same state. I was surprised that he chose to sit beside me although there were so much empty chairs. Somewhat awkward. I’m not used to, especially when he called me by touching his pen onto my arm whenever he wanna ask something.

cute isn't? Surely not by me :]

cute isn’t? Surely not by me :]


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