Sometimes hurting people is a way to live, happily

Ever hurt someone’s feeling?

I just did. I know she expected more from me and so generous asking me along, but I just can’t force my self anymore. I can’t hold it for another day or week.

I am suffocated. I need space and time. I refused doesn’t mean that I hate her, or whatever related to her. Maybe it was just me that hard to fit myself into that kind of environment. I have my own way, seriously.

I know her intention is more than good, I know. But I have another system that I comfort with. Same purpose but just with another way. I hope she won’t get me wrong although I know she will. In fact, she already had some bad impression towards me. Not my problem because I am not living up to her impressions and desires.

It is relieved to tell the truth. Like a prisoner that finally can breathe in a fresh air.

Sometimes, it is important to be selfish and cruel so that we can live without regret.

I told a truth, and at the same time, I knew another truth. Today is so a truth-full-day huh? The another truth changed my hope. It is okay, the hope is already vanished a long time ago. So, I considered it as a confirmation. It doesn’t bother me even for a minute microbe.

Relieved. Alhamdulillah.



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