These days I keep checking my e-mail, waiting for the status. At some points, I just feel like to fight till the end, but there’s always something that stopped me. If I’m the one who live in this world, alone – I would do anything I want, everything that I love. But alas we are living in a circle society, and we have to think on others too, how they feel and what they want and expected from us, and stuffs like that which is – for me, pretty tiring. Why we often live up to human expectations, and fulfill their needs?

So, I wish I will get a positive email. I really hope so. I know sometimes, when I really dream of some things, they will turn another way round. Maybe this time is different? I have to believe.

Living here and this way is wearing. All what I need is some changes, or a little bit variations. I don’t really care what will happen afterward. I should learn to harden my heart, for an easy breathing life.

After 3 weeks of relaxing, I just started to stress on what I should do now. Haha, 3 weeks of relaxing – of not taking things seriously, I must stop doing that and strive for the best!

Camera 360


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