#Lynas #Talk

Attent a talk on Lynas Advanced Material Plant – The Real Story.

I doesn’t understand those stuffs. Writings on slides were too small and the graphs ploted were seriously terrible and unclear. Level of contrast was poor. Intonation was just for convincing people that Lynas has nothing to do with radioactivity. The level is still under control and Lynas is just another chemical factory.

Reason? He mentioned about the golden opportunity of Malaysia’s economy – which is all about money, billion and million of them. He talked on business opportunity since Lynas attracts the foreign investors to make some big investments.  Yes, for sure it is a lifetime- chance. But is it all about money? How about life of thousands more people behind?

When people were fold blinded with money, no word can restrict them.

It is disappointing to know that our environment were managed by those hands.



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