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Mini feast

After all, we had successfully made the feast reality ( after 3 weeks of postponing). It was just KFC and a rough two ways communication between us and our mentor, Prof OB. It wasn’t KFC that had been our (my) main focus but the quality time that we spent together. Sitting down with people like Prof is something that I favour. Hee

So, he told us about his life stories, how he survived without money for almost a week during he was in university –  with no food to eat, his parents generosity and determination, his study life at New Zealand and quite a lot of motivational talks. He is good in telling stories and I really want to go to New Zealand! 

It wasn’t bored listening to his stories again and again (some of his stories I already heard during class). After Prof Shab, he is one of the lecturers that’s dad alike. There was a time when I walked slowly in pain, pressing my stomach and he asked me whether I’m okay or not. Heart-touched seriously. 

Suddenly, topic on “over politeness of our people” was discussed. It is interesting. Enough to make me pay full attention. Prof brang up that topic – maybe as a reminder for us, in the future. The conclusion was – it is hard to change people’s mentality. I couldn’t be more agree than that. Indeed it is hard, very hard. That’s the problem of our people now. 

So much things more that I don’t know how to whittle it by order.haha. Anyway, it is refreshing. Self- and spirit-refreshed.

Till then. Maghrib of Friday’s night. Pray anything with full of soul, Allah will not disappoint you. 🙂

Pray for me! Pray for everything.


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