Ahmad Ammar – Inspiration

Now I understand the stories. Now, I knew why the whole world received that huge impact after he left.

His parents is amazing, extraordinary and full of mission and vision. The way he was taught to be an ummah- and akhirah-centric person is out of norm. Hat off to his parents. I’m impressed!

So, yes. As his mother said, everything started from one clear point. A choice.

Who you’d choose to be your life partner reflects your life onwards, wholly. His parents before marriage, they set a goal to invest everything for Islam. They doesn’t want much on worldly acclamations, and those ordinary joys.

I am thinking. How deep we involved in shaping our Islamic society, and what is our plan as well as actions to contribute something to Islam before we meet HIM? What is the story that we can tell to HIM later?

We have to be outrageous first. It is ourselves that decide.

I must choose a right team-mate. May Allah grants me one, and for you too. Ameen.



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