No lie, this week (with 2 days remain) is getting wild. One massive *for us* assignment need to be submit at early next week, a couple of exams with tonnes of notes to be revised, mate’s birthday celebration, and side things like fyp results and appointment for the diatoms to be viewed under those advanced microscopes. I’m one happy diatomist! Yeay, finally. Can’t wait. Hopefully everything will be fine.

And two days in the row, I missed morning classes. So, it has been 2 days I’m not in any class. It wasn’t that accidentally miss but maybe more to “I need some space, please”. It is bored going to class. Isn’t? Haha.

Planned to stay awake till the next sunrise so that I can steal some times to do revision.  But I can’t bear it for any longer. I felt like I was chopped into 16 separate part. I worn out, surrendered.

Another morning class tomorrow, let’s pray that I’m not going to miss it again.


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