garden of memory

Again, it is about memory. My biggest interest after deep sea, brain, alien story, space and galaxy, microexpressions, etc etc. hee. Found a web that is so helpful in enhancing our memory on some subjects especially in foreign languages. Maybe I’m quite behind knowing this application, but who cares. Finally I found it, and seriously it helps a lot!

Since our memory work best using imagination, this application applied the technique. For those who are not so creative to create something funny/ joyful/ remarkable regarding to the subject you have to keep in mind, maybe this web can help you out – so that you can have some associations  in remembering something unfamiliar.

Oh, here is the web. It is called

Beside its cute theme, using the concept of planting, gardening, watering – it is easy to use. The good new is you can install the application inside your mobile phone so that your garden of memory is at your finger tips.

See? the theme itself is so cute. After ‘planting’,I have to wait for ‘growing’ session. :] recommended!


Before anything, keep the intention right.

Eny told the stories passionately to me, on the outputs she got during yesterday night’s event. * events and bazaar everywhere these days. Plus the Open Day BRC ( glad that I can rest from faking my enthusiasm on those things just to get a room in the college).

The event is generally about Study and Marriage (yes. Again . that topic. haha). I forgot its long name, but yeah generally they discussed on that.

The points were the same as I’m thinking. Don’t get so rush and worry in that matter. Believe that someone has been destined for you. Everybody has their someone. They are heading to you now, and at the right time, everything will fall nicely,  right on its place. Beautifully.

If you love someone, pray. Asking Allah whether he/she is good for you. If you feel that you make the right decision, and somehow the time is so right to take a step forward, then make a move. How madly in love you are, if Allah said “no, they are not good for you” – indeed HE planned the best for us, then accept it and pray so that you will get a better one.

If we are not ready for any commitment due to some other things that have to be settled first before settling ourselves down, then stay still. Do something beneficial, and keep improving ourselves. Ignore the urge inside, because we can’t do anything when we’re not ready. Be the criteria that we want to have in our someone. And keep praying.

One important point that Eny told me which I deadly deadly agree with. It is about our intention to marry someone. INTENTION is more powerful than love –  Well, the panels doesn’t said that, I create the principle. Haha.

So, what’s our intention? What’s the goal of the planned marriage? What do you expect from your soulmate? What are your goals in life? Everything must be clear.

It reminds me that marriage is a serious thingy. Not just I love you – you love me- we are a happy family. It involves a lot of thing.

I think two people which can be a good friend in every situation, and can complete each other – is enough in a marriage. After all, lovey-dovey session will end some day, what remain is a strong and true friendship. That’s what make marriage last long.

Again, the unmarried (yet) gambles so much about marriage stuffs. Haha.

Oh. Eny will get married after this degree study. She is so advanced in her little cute size. Can’t wait to attend my first classmate’s wedding.

Staying together or?

Rasa macam nak pengsan, walaupun tak pernah rasa how pengsan exactly feels.haha. Strived to finish up the last sentence on my part’s assignment and submitted it finally – I can breath relieved. From sunrise to sunset, nonstop – I couldn’t even move to attend tonight’s event, although I had already save the date.

Someone asked me regarding post-married matter. Is staying with mother-in-law or living separately with the spouse is the better decision? It heard a bit classical.  What if our spouse deadly want us to live with his mom? It is a noble action, of course.

I know the right place of wife is to be beside her man, but I couldn’t agree with that. When a couple married, they should live together,  and learn to build their own family. It is not that we can’t build our family if we live along with the other family members, but it can give up a lot of conflicts, uninvitable feelings and so on. Why not we try sailing the ship with our own capability? It might get wrong, but it is a process. Process of learning and living as one.

I’m not going to say “forget your mom” and “forget the families” – we should never forget.  What I mean is, you should try to build your own family, not depending on anybody, with no third hands in.

Just an opinion from the unmarried. I know it holds a lot of benefits by staying with mom-in-law (for girl), but sometimes it is hard in different way. Well, I don’t know. It may be different from other’s view. Depends.


memory athlete

Does training our memory make us feel alive? Does it make life more meaningful? Does it boost up our confident level? memorize a deck of cards, random alphabets, meaningless digits – what is it feel to be able memorizing them all in a split second? They said yes ; and I’m curious.

Not to mention, the key important technique to outrival in study (grade-centric) is by having an excellent memory. It isn’t that hard compared to those who have to burn the midnight oil, squeezing the brain out trying to understand bit by bit facts and theories learned.

Mnemonic system, Person-Action-Object system, Memory Palace, Major system – it took some times for me to understand those systems and it brought me to a book. Moonwalking with Einstein, for me is a good introductory book for a beginner.

People who keep practising to memorize anything they could and sit for an exam is  called a memory athlete. There’s a world championship of memory which divided into several sections; memorizing poems, face and their names, random digits, deck of cards, and so on.

It is interesting seeing people who challenge their selves up to the limit. It makes me think that we are actually – limitless. We are able to do a lot more than we are now, beyond our expectations. Things that we can’t do or achieve – the main problem is just our own selves. We are the one that set a barrier and the limitation rules.

To begin, let us take 10 minutes per day to memorize something unmemorable by ordinary people such as years when television was invented, birth date of Leeuwenhoek, ancient poets, scientific names of bacteria or anything that seemed interesting. It is not that it matters to know the years when television was invented, but the effect from the process of memorizing – they said it is powerful. Feel more alive than ever. So, I just want to try out. We are free to choose any topic anyways.

It is an advantage if we can master it. We can memorize chapters in Al-Quran, events in Islamic calendar, Histories and the people involves, years of important events in the world, improving grade by memorizing all the nonsense scientific names, and so much more. We can re-map our own brain. We are giving our brain its right food.

So much excited! I’m establishing my own memorizing system now. haha, crazy. But why not? It might be useful for my entire life.

But before you start, plan your own strategy. As mind work best with animation, out-minded actions, start with Person-Action-Object. I found it easier. I know we are familiar with the system, but let take it to another level.

For brain is consisted of muscles, doesn’t it need to be trained?

Happy training. Just try to spend some minutes. It’s worth your time!

You can’t create an image of a word, a number, or a person’s name without dwelling on it. And you can’t dwell on something without making it more memorable

(Moonwalking with Einstein)

I enjoyed every single thing in Redesign My Brain. How I wish to take Psychology and Cognitive as my major study. haha. seriously.
I enjoyed every single thing in Redesign My Brain. How I wish to take Psychology and Cognitive as my major study. haha. seriously!


So, as usual I turned out late entering today’s class, and sat at the very weird seat. At the very last row, beside a couple bird and I was there solely. Haha. Weird feeling, like okay, was I’m an intruder? Should I look for another seat?

Life today was like an adventure. I avoided all the common routes I used, and walk on the path that I never walked on. Phone in silent mode, cut off any virtual connection, having a good meal alone on crowded mass, and had a good read. It is like a one-day-treat to myself, after all the chaos. I enjoyed most in that way – giving some time for myself to freely walk, and see a brand new view and people. I love observing peoples, acting like I’m another Sherlock Holmes although I’ve really no idea what’s going on. heh. It is refreshing and I don’t feel like to face or talk to anybody which I really did. I avoided every possible things that I usually done every day.

First time I submitted answer sheet before the time was up. Never had done before even it is a simple quiz. It wasn’t that I feel so confident with all my answers (seriously no. They are fatal questions), but I craved for a new experience. So, now I know, it is cool passing up your exam sheet earlier than some peoples – even most of my answers seemed wrong. Haha. It is a kind of freedom (you don’t have to answer your friends’ questions after the time’s up – how is it going? What is your answer for the question number 1? Bla..bla..) and people who is still struggling finding their right terms and some arts to be filled on their blank paper will look at you with their popped eyes saying “Really? She must be studied very hard answering this fast!” haha. On the real, it went like this “I am a loser. If I spend some more times to really memorise all those specific names!”. Not to mention, I left blank for the question number one.

Haha. A good day :]

yang kita rindukan

Yang kita rindukan hujan,
Lalu Syukur yang terhingga pada pemilik langit Bumi.

Yang kita rindukan Hujan,
Tetes-tetesnya menerpa.
Antara langit pagi dan senja,
Lalu Pemilik langit-bumi kita Puja.

Yang kita rindukan Hujan,
Pemeriah pesta katak,
Memercik dari dahan ke dahan.
Mengalir dari dedaunan ke selokan.

Cepatlah Hujan,
Merintik saja sedikit.
Biar-biar kami tenang,
Mendengar dahan yang diterpa,
Sambil mengucap Doa untuk pencipta

daripada sosok yang tidak pernah berhenti buat kagum.

teman kecil yang menghuni taman. Itu sahaja,teman kecil.


I think it is getting worse. Part of my memories on people keep on vanishing from time to time, especially those who involved in my life three to five years back. Even now, the hardest thing for me is to recognise face and remember their names. I remember events well. Mention event first then narrow it down to people involved. Hard isn’t? Or is it normal? Say normal please.

Online facebook, and saw one of my schoolmates involved in an accident (pray for her safety). And alas I hardly recognise her face but the name sounds familiar. I tried very hard to remember something on her but nothing appears.

I afraid if one day, I will forget everything and everybody here.