Travel around the globe, with fairly low cost is everyone’s dream. My lifetime dream. Realising it had been a loooooong time since I didn’t go anywhere, this goal seemed to stain strong in my dream book. I really fall for this dream.

I want to go out from this place, and boarded somewhere far. I want to see another view of world’s population. I dream of Venice, Egypt, Istanbul, Indonesia, Grand Canyon, India,  Tasmania, and the rest of places on the world’s map. I wanna feel the sands at every different beautiful beaches in this world, trekking on great mountain, learn foreign cultures and languages, and study peoples.

I dream of a travelling-life. I dream of having a cute Instag so that I can print out every architectural buildings and capture any moments of their smiling faces. Or a couple of peoples that I newly befriend. I will own a travelling book or album to write and frame everything inside. My room wall will be full of my travelling moments from the Instag film. I will smile and flash back all the journey when I’m old. I will have a lot of stories to tell to my grandchildrens later.

How nice is it? I feel high whenever I think about this little dream.

Dreams do come true, aren’t they? :]
They will, I know.



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