A Walk to Talk #1

As I walked alone
Feeling the cold breeze
Enjoying the mild orange horizon
while my feets defined the texture of sand grains

I closed my eyes, so close
that what I only saw was just a pitch black of dazzles
I felt as if someone is walking beside me

You know that feel?
A wind of certain smell or aura from someone – You can easily tell
I’m not sure who is walking beside me -I don’t feel like to open my eyes,yet
Can I stay like this for some times?
Keep my eyes this close and let some part of me fly
Flying away – far

Not until I really merged into that peace bowl

I heard someone’s breathing

I became more sure
I’m sure – someone was really walking with me
The same rhythm
The same pace

I don’t want to bother ; what or who is that
But finally I  forced my eyes to open up
Sharp rays of sun keep stabbing my retina
It was like a bright torch light shooting me in an inch
As if when my deep sleep was disturbed
I hate that urge shock

When everything was clear – my eyes and vision was adjusted
I turned my head around
Ignoring the bashes wave that hit my bare foot
And the sharp itchy broken shell that mixed with the sand
which sometimes hurt my feet
I stared to the girl beside me
Who doesn’t look at me at all
She looked straight away ahead
Like I wasn’t there, beside her
Felt like I was invisible, totally


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