outta cave

After a few days stayed in the cave (haha, so called by the folks) today is the breakthrough. Went outing for the last time for this holiday – next week, the normal schedule will resume. Time has really no joke, they fly! Just realize that all these 4 months, I drove illegally. I haven’t renew my driving license during my pass birthday! That is crazy and how I hope to not bound with any roadblock or whatever courses related with police, traffics etc. That wasn’t a big reason for me to sit at the passenger sit. haha, I love driving. So, hope everything will be fine. I just want to extend the illegality until I touch down Kedah later. Just 2 months to go! Ignore the growing fine I have to pay.

Yesterday night was terrible. I can’t sleep although badly worn out. My eyes were closed but it just doesn’t sink below the darkness like usual. Stress for not be able to have a sound sleep. Ever feel that? That was my first time and it is no good. Bad! Seriously bad. The consequence is today. My eyes were in pinky red, and when I tried to sleep this evening, I just fell under sub-sleep. Slept but wasn’t any deep. I wonder what happen? Aging process? I should meet doctor? Heh. That is my second phobia after taking medicine.

About A Walk to Talk, I’m in process to finish it up. The first part was easy and the second part is a bit compact, plus my laziness to type those floating mind into words. Will put an end as soon as possible.


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