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Beautiful lesson. Hah!

Another sleepless-night-gonna-be. I’m tired and sleepy like nothing before. Have to stay awake until I finish these things.

I can’t believe that I miss clicked the “dont save” button when I closed the full two pages report. It was awful seriously. I typed those words with all my heart. So I have to rebuild that heart and start a new write up, a new idea and format.

Glad that it is not restricted by any rigid rules so I can make it just like writing another novel. Haha.

Tomorrow is the day. Everything will be resumed.  The same routine, schedule and this is the last two months before suddenly  everything will meet its end. After that, everyone will carry on their own path and so will I.

Now, I just need to complete this before dawn. While peoples are restoring their energy and spirit to start a new day tomorrow, I’m here resuming the unfinished writings.

Watch out which button you are going to click. What a lesson. Heh.


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