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the moving escalator

I was full with curiosity before I entered today’s Mandarin class. It haunted me for a few days, I keep thinking about that – whether the fatal accident few days ago involved one of my classmates. The name I glanced from attendance list during the first class nearly the same with the person who passed away in the accident.

Then I knew, he is not the same person when there’s signature beside his name.

Death. We can never tell when we will meet it. I scared, so much scared of what are the story that I can tell to HIM later. I can loss this breathes anytime yet I still on-and-off my Dhuha, my hafazan, my maathurat etc with the thought – I still own a tomorrow. Sometimes human – we forget, and keep forgetting. So, Izni, never lose the track again, and be consistent. Champion born from consistency!

Starting to feel remorse during Mandarin’s class today. Felt that I am a loser, as if I’m the most stupid in that class. Seriously. I always sleepy during the class (due to some logic and wise reasons – haha), and never keen to revise after the class end, now I have to make some extra hard works to cover everything I missed. Plus, I’m in acute sleepy when Laoshi taught about one of the important topics involved in our assessment THIS Thursday.

I just want to give one or two hard punch right on my face now. Feel bad! Not to mention a full bulk of assignments, presentations and FYP drafts report, all have to be finish within this month. So much will be going on. It is like an escalator that is keep moving. That fast. If we are so slow, we might fall and drag down.

So, let do this. Let see how far we can go. I love this! I can feel the rushing adrenaline.




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