Today`s culture is dying from mal-nutrition, which is aiding to obesity and also from proper nutrition of the brain the entire body. I saw a documentary years ago what mal-nutrition can do to the brain from infants to adolescent children and it will shock you….today`s fast food has virtually no nourishing properties and it also it is not only how we raise our foods but how they are prepared. Organic raw fruits and vegetables and Essential Fatty Acids (oils) is always the best outlet for true nutrition.

Found above comment under one of the posts at Fact that we often forget or take for granted – relationship of nutrition and brain function. It can be a great debatable topic in this millennium.

Brain are amazing and magical, it is a very big place in a very small space. Mystery of our brain and its remain unfold story keep attracting my enthusiasm. It is unique in their own way and had become the most valuable muscle we ever had. It is a life-centre ; it makes what we make now.



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