Dear overthinker, breathe.

Okay here is the confession.

When something happened, or event that make us feel like “I’m thrown at the corner”, “nobody care a thing on me”, and so much more self-down-impressions which probably due to yeah I would say from nature (so we, human doesn’t own a single blame haha).

Human nature is to get attention. To be concerned on especially from people around us that we labelled them as our specials. Say it family, friends, close friends, mates, and whoever that are special for you that hold a specific place inside your heart. You craved for their attention, with you realised it or not. Peoples love attention, speciality, and a particular place just for them, they want to be separated from those ordinary stuffs, and they want to be stand out in the eyes of their beloved. Then, comes in artists. Group of people who create things to catch attention. I’m not saying artists are those who are on the stages, put on acting at tv channels, not literally. We are at very first place were an artist. We turned our desires, our original aim into some movements and mini drama – hidden one, which need just some specific peoples to evaluate and understand. It is like visiting an art museum. We starred at a canvas that seemed like as if a pail of different colours just fell down from the ceiling and somehow stained randomly on the canvas – and we glared at the price. It valued of thousand millions! It needs some expert to really judge an art isn’t?

So life is. We are artists. Maybe greater. We are making an art continuously because things will get so plain if we just voice out or do what we actually want. It is natural. Natural to keep hiding what we actually want to say or see, and keep saying rubbish, metaphors, and whatnot. Because brain evolved so. Brain keeps searching the good possible way to mention something so that nobody could hurt or misunderstand –  that’s our main problem. We get hurt when we know some bitter truth. Why can’t just we sit calmly, try to accept the fact and move on?

The more overthinker we are, the more complex the art we made. We keep thinking about this and that, how it will turn out and the possibility that might resulted from our actions and so on. We are overthinker. Some are not, well it is easier to be not. Usually, nobody would understand that complex art pieces we sketched, and we ended up crying behind the stage.

And know what; making everything into so-called an art is sometimes tiring. Some other things just need not any type of art to make people understand. Sometimes, we have to give our own selves a space to do not over care on things that make us hard to breathe. Like, when friends betrayed and leave you, when family seems to forget you (imaginative you, they won’t), when someone confess that they hate you (who cares), when people keep insulting you, and when everyone condemn the way you live – That type of art world keep throwing onto you, just walk by. It doesn’t need any much serious evaluation, or maybe if it needs some, take it and adjust yourself in. That is when we will have a good life, a less-tiring one.

As human behaviour evolved – that’s what had been said in a book I read, we can also make our brain, perception, and the way we process something – evolving. Back into the first above sentence (that’s what all I want to stress on, why it took this long) – if there’s a situation that make you go “I’m really feel that I had been thrown somewhere at the corner” then take it easy. Try to take it as easy as possible. Being thrown away isn’t that bad. It gives some quality time for us to do things we love. Just live as we are. We need to love ourselves so that no one has to. That sounds easy.

Just saying.

take some time to really breathe

take some time to really breathe


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