Deen, Love

the “why me, God?” ‘s answer

“When a calamity befalls a believer he begins making dua constantly, but he may not see any sign of response for some time. when he is close to despair Allah the Almighty  looks into his heart to see if he is pleased and content with the decree and not hopeless or discouraged.If this is his situation then the response comes quickly. this contentment and pleasure in Allah’s decree is what reforms and fixed the iman as well as destroys syaitan. That moment when the believer is close to despair is when the real men/women are determined. So, be aware of why the response is delayed. Understand that he is the Master and that He is the Most Wise in Planning, the Most Knowing of what will lead to the reformation of His slaves. Know that He wants to put you through trials to test what you hide in your heart and that he wants to see your Humility and that He wants to reward you for your patience. Thus, when the trial begins. The supplications are lengthened and the one in hardship shows his need and takes refuge in Allah. He will be content with everything.”

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