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memory athlete

Does training our memory make us feel alive? Does it make life more meaningful? Does it boost up our confident level? memorize a deck of cards, random alphabets, meaningless digits – what is it feel to be able memorizing them all in a split second? They said yes ; and I’m curious.

Not to mention, the key important technique to outrival in study (grade-centric) is by having an excellent memory. It isn’t that hard compared to those who have to burn the midnight oil, squeezing the brain out trying to understand bit by bit facts and theories learned.

Mnemonic system, Person-Action-Object system, Memory Palace, Major system – it took some times for me to understand those systems and it brought me to a book. Moonwalking with Einstein, for me is a good introductory book for a beginner.

People who keep practising to memorize anything they could and sit for an exam is  called a memory athlete. There’s a world championship of memory which divided into several sections; memorizing poems, face and their names, random digits, deck of cards, and so on.

It is interesting seeing people who challenge their selves up to the limit. It makes me think that we are actually – limitless. We are able to do a lot more than we are now, beyond our expectations. Things that we can’t do or achieve – the main problem is just our own selves. We are the one that set a barrier and the limitation rules.

To begin, let us take 10 minutes per day to memorize something unmemorable by ordinary people such as years when television was invented, birth date of Leeuwenhoek, ancient poets, scientific names of bacteria or anything that seemed interesting. It is not that it matters to know the years when television was invented, but the effect from the process of memorizing – they said it is powerful. Feel more alive than ever. So, I just want to try out. We are free to choose any topic anyways.

It is an advantage if we can master it. We can memorize chapters in Al-Quran, events in Islamic calendar, Histories and the people involves, years of important events in the world, improving grade by memorizing all the nonsense scientific names, and so much more. We can re-map our own brain. We are giving our brain its right food.

So much excited! I’m establishing my own memorizing system now. haha, crazy. But why not? It might be useful for my entire life.

But before you start, plan your own strategy. As mind work best with animation, out-minded actions, start with Person-Action-Object. I found it easier. I know we are familiar with the system, but let take it to another level.

For brain is consisted of muscles, doesn’t it need to be trained?

Happy training. Just try to spend some minutes. It’s worth your time!

You can’t create an image of a word, a number, or a person’s name without dwelling on it. And you can’t dwell on something without making it more memorable

(Moonwalking with Einstein)

I enjoyed every single thing in Redesign My Brain. How I wish to take Psychology and Cognitive as my major study. haha. seriously.

I enjoyed every single thing in Redesign My Brain. How I wish to take Psychology and Cognitive as my major study. haha. seriously!


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