Staying together or?

Rasa macam nak pengsan, walaupun tak pernah rasa how pengsan exactly feels.haha. Strived to finish up the last sentence on my part’s assignment and submitted it finally – I can breath relieved. From sunrise to sunset, nonstop – I couldn’t even move to attend tonight’s event, although I had already save the date.

Someone asked me regarding post-married matter. Is staying with mother-in-law or living separately with the spouse is the better decision? It heard a bit classical.  What if our spouse deadly want us to live with his mom? It is a noble action, of course.

I know the right place of wife is to be beside her man, but I couldn’t agree with that. When a couple married, they should live together,  and learn to build their own family. It is not that we can’t build our family if we live along with the other family members, but it can give up a lot of conflicts, uninvitable feelings and so on. Why not we try sailing the ship with our own capability? It might get wrong, but it is a process. Process of learning and living as one.

I’m not going to say “forget your mom” and “forget the families” – we should never forget.  What I mean is, you should try to build your own family, not depending on anybody, with no third hands in.

Just an opinion from the unmarried. I know it holds a lot of benefits by staying with mom-in-law (for girl), but sometimes it is hard in different way. Well, I don’t know. It may be different from other’s view. Depends.



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