garden of memory

Again, it is about memory. My biggest interest after deep sea, brain, alien story, space and galaxy, microexpressions, etc etc. hee. Found a web that is so helpful in enhancing our memory on some subjects especially in foreign languages. Maybe I’m quite behind knowing this application, but who cares. Finally I found it, and seriously it helps a lot!

Since our memory work best using imagination, this application applied the technique. For those who are not so creative to create something funny/ joyful/ remarkable regarding to the subject you have to keep in mind, maybe this web can help you out – so that you can have some associations  in remembering something unfamiliar.

Oh, here is the web. It is called

Beside its cute theme, using the concept of planting, gardening, watering – it is easy to use. The good new is you can install the application inside your mobile phone so that your garden of memory is at your finger tips.

See? the theme itself is so cute. After ‘planting’,I have to wait for ‘growing’ session. :] recommended!



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