Relieved after meeting my supervisor. All the uncertainties slowly shaded away. It was like one of the thousands heavy stones had been lifted up from this shoulder. Proposed some suggestions and had been accepted well, and the good news is – most of my Identification process is true! Alhamdulillah. However, it is not over yet, everything isn’t going to over yet – a very long way to go. Still have a lot (I truly mean a lot) of things to be settled down. It’s okay, at least all the crazy-hard-work these days was paid, ignored the most-unordered-life-I-have-now. 3 hours sleep per two days, now I’m thinking that sleep is no longer important. I don’t know how long I can live up to this way, how long I can bear this shoulder and back aches. I could die from this.

Keep striving; keep up the momentum, the passions, and enthusiasms.

Felt like missing somebody. Somebody that I think on whenever I stare to the horizon line, whenever every things seemed to be failed, whenever I hate everyone, or whenever I couldn’t get rid of my own echoes. Did you ever missing the unknown? That’s weird.


Fix You – Coldplay


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