So, I just happened to be there. It wasn’t my intention to spend almost 2 hours+ standing and enjoying the craziehhh crowds. It was unexpected. Believe me. Haha.

Really, it was one crazy crowds. Singing, yelling, and YES, sweating! People had really no joke when it comes about artists and their idol. They can do anything, like hysteria-ing, screaming and those kind of affection-thingy. I understand, because the beat and melody of Bunkface are really irresistible, especially the drum’s!

Music blends people in. What’s the wiser quote than that?

So, finally BRC Open Day met its end-day. Hat off to the teams because I knew how tired to be in that organising team. BRC is one of the things that I’ll miss the most after this. It is alive even after midnight, or whenever it is supposed to be silent – BRC is alive.

It was morning  again. Earth seemed to be spinning faster these days, noticed that? Or it just me moving slower?



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