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Glory glory

So, that was it. I did it! Smiling wide :] Alhamdulilah.  I couldn’t be more happy and relieve than that. Yesterday, one presentation settled down. 2 more on list. Every time I presented or answering the questions,  they laughed. Haha. What’s wrong? Aina said she couldn’t be like me, that confident and shameless in answering things I don’t know. Haha. Aina never stop looking herself down. The nature of Aina, everybody understands that.

The happiest thing is –  I had completed the first full FYP thesis draft before today’s dawn and mandarin characters assessment was also just settled! Double happiness! Sent the thesis draft with a mix feeling, it was like a virtual screen that I can clearly preview the struggles in these past weeks and days – how I kept myself under the tall, thick cages and so on,finally it paid off. Grateful. I know there would be some corrections here and there later, but at least 90% of it was completed. Well, so much emotions involved in, so much falls and rises, loves and hates, thicks and thins and a series of bone-cracking nights.  And the way I exaggerating this was like I had been graduated. Padahal it was just full draft? Hee I’m happy and free for this time being, so I can ramble as nonsense and as long as I want. XD

I know my mark for the characters assessment just now will be quite low, even I started doing the revision two weeks before. I dont mind. As long as I tried my best and it was now settled. Midterm marks for a tough-core-subject had been released out yesterday, too. Alhamdulillah. Not too bad. It worth the effort, right?

So much things will be ticked off this week. Still have a plenty of errands to work on. The most important thing now is I really need a sleep. A deep and long one, paying back for the past few days. Correcting back my biological clock. Proud to my heart ; it stays beating but I know it is tired and hardly pumped out the blood.

I had a thought.  I think, certain matters doesn’t need any further judgement and detail defination. Agree? Sometimes we need to build up our own barrier so that any  disturbance could never intrude. It is better in the way it is, without narrowing it down to certain destination. Just let it floats. Expectations by expectations ; sometimes make us dying inside. As simple as that. Build a tall and strong barrier.

So, till then. It had been a long week and days.


The loyal royal reward. This - for me is like an ice cream for a kid. Special and healed.


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