Because it is a PROCESS

Peoples have been contaminated, day by day with the definition of love. Or let not say contaminated, the light way to say it urm maybe we‘re confused? Sometimes, love gives us a big confusion and desperation – silently. I don’t know how to put love in its very right place and definition? I had never being madly in love (if I had, it is more to a delusional, shameful delusion) and I believe, whatever definition that comes into my mind – on love – most of the time, is a myth. I could never (yet) find the supposed-right-words to say what love really is.

Is it keep remembering every detail of someone is love or whenever you see someone passed, your heart just skipped a bit and you can’t imagine living with someone else other than him/her? Or is it love when you can’t barely look into someone’s eyes and act normally? Or maybe you found love when you saw somebody gave their seat to the old man in the bus; and dreamed to be their lover? Or what? It is not that simple, I guess. Love is a process, it is a process – someone told me. I found it true. As it is a process, we can’t force anything to be in certain places. Because it is a process, it will just happen.

Nobody should be forced to love anybody. You can’t make someone love you, or change the way someone feels and thinks about you. You need to stop doing it, no matter how much you want to. Just stop at any cost. Maybe one day, someone will love you without you forcing them, and at the moment you’ll realised that true love could never work under force. It just happens.



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