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Within 24 hours

In the storm of assignments and stuffs, there’s a question to me. A funny one. Haha. How did I manage my time to write? To read?

Macam mana nak jawab eh? What a high-class question, and I don’t know what the answer should be. Hoho. If you can understand how I can’t sleep until I write down all the idea loads in my mind,  until I arrange all the puzzles in a paragraph then you’ll learn something about love. Sounds romantic? Heh!

How love keep giving you time. I mean, it needs no certain time to do something you love. You just do it because you love to. That’s all – simple isn’t?

Plus it is bored to do just one thing in a time? I need some space to rest. A rest under my own definition.  You have too, I’m sure.

Prioritise is another big thing in managing everything. I still have a long list of incomplete works, but when it comes to the mood of writing, no I can’t postponed it. I can’t push away the urge of ideas that keep lingering me. I will win it over all the important things. Haha. So, we’re the same.  You have your own passion and me have mine. We have the same 24 hours and the art of allocating it surely is at our fingertips :]

Just be alive. Own a life that’s alive.



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