of mandarin class

End of mandarin class, and seriously – what a tough language class I ever in. It is tough in a sense that I couldn’t manage to allocate enough time to revise all the characters as recommended by Laoshi since the other four tough subjects and the FYP-thingy chased me un-heartedly. I never blame myself for any assessment’s marks that don’t achieve my target. The marks I got – well, just one of them are out of track. The worst mark I ever get. haha. Not to mention that the assessment was held on a day before my thesis submission, when I was a step toward insanity.

Laoshi is a shy, polite man. Haha. It is totally different from my Najwa Sensei that is so hyperactive and unexpected . As the ending of today’s class, Laoshi showed us a Mandarin song video and asked us to sing along. But yeah, we students were too fail to step out from the shyness and comfortable zones but keep sitting and humming along. Not much voice heard. Laoshi – was also humming. How cute? Haha, I can imagine if it was Najwa Sensei, she will sing the song out loud and ask (force) us to sing along otherwise she will keep repeating the video.

I really need to buckle down for coming Mandarin final exam.  I will get through this and make myself proud. By hook or by crook.

Pray for me!



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