Sunday, and I’m still in the holiday mood. My sore throat is getting better, but it follows with flu! I can’t remember the last time I had flu or fever or any kind of discomfort health. Yesterday is a disturbing day. I couldn’t drink any liquid, felt like there was a big, bloody wound right at my uvula (I just google it up. haha!) So, nothing to complain on, I’m grateful for this. Alhamdulillah, maybe this is the way of Allah reminds me that I’m still an ordinary human being; that I should never forget to appreciate my good health before.

There will be a down time for us – anything that we might hate to admit it (failure, rejection, feeling of unappreciated, bad health, you name it) but just one thing, just remember on how long HE made us in our comfort zone. The time we feel so undisturbed – like we were living in our own cosiness bubble, which we can handle every single thing that comes up without any difficulties. Remembering that, oh – this minute tiny test from Him is actually very incomparable to the all easiness we had before.

So, we have to be more grateful. After rain comes sunshine, isn’t? So, complain less, appreciate more :]

The planned potluck is today. Maybe that is the last gathering time.Finally, I ignore the laziness that rose inside me and made up my mind to attend. It must be so fun!

For that, I have to cook the sambal for nasi lemak.The last time I made, abah criticise me greatly. Haha. Abah, how do I cook like you? ~~


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