Bitter sweet

On my way to recover. Without antibiotic, panadol or anything. And still drinking ice. Err.

I hate taking those bitter chemicals. What I need is a good rest, maybe? I don’t know if it will go worse. Please don’t. Not this time. I don’t want sitting for the exam with flu and cough or with this watery and reddish eyes. It will be so much annoying and disturbing.

I think, sometimes we have to learn not to care so much even on on things we deadly want to care about. The rising urge that keep knocking the wrong door, and again for the thousands time it was like you have to say “you’ve dial a wrong number, sorry”.

I wonder how people can harden their heart and make it unmoved like a heavy stone? Why I can’t?

Pray for my recovery. I have to study. I need energy. Could it be possible without any medicine? Yes. Very much possible.



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