There’s a day..

There’s a day, when you’d been so care and particular about the things you stepped on when you’re walking down a road. You tried to avoid the ants line, avoid stepping on the fresh, greeny grasses and leaves. You said, let them live. They deserve a life too.

There will be also a certain day where you walk without watching anything. That is your road. Anything comes in between your steps – meet death. You are just turn out to be so mean. Not really care about the other creatures. It is your road and you’re walking proud like a king who visits his land.

There’s a day when you can’t bear the hot striking sun that keep following you. You need to find a shelter. A shelter that makes you feel safe and comfy- just like when you’re hiding in the blanket while outside is stormy and cold. On the other day, come rain or shine – you can walk through them securely. Who cares. You’re dancing under the hot burning sun rays and enjoying the endless, wild storm outside, no shelter.




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