Never fall in love with the girl who reads


Gone through a lot of farewells and good bye. This will be just another good bye. People comes and go in our lives but only the specials stay. Ok okayy, let’s forget about the good bye. Let us believe that we will meet again someday. Yeah, we will meet again :]

So, today I read an article about “why you should never fall in love with the girl who reads”. Haha. Seemed interesting?

I have my own opinion. Girl who reads -She can make you bored, telling you the stories that are never exist in the universe or something that nobody expect to hear from a girl or anybody. She will tell the stories more than she describe herself in words. But if you are brilliant enough, you will find herself in the stories she told. She isn’t going to take a shortcut to tell about herself in detail. You have to show how keen you’re in listening her stories, she will love you more.

Girl who reads – she doesn’t need you to be happy. She find happiness under her own mysterious way. She’s demanding. She’s perfectionist. Her brain is full with bench marks, and monologs. Sometimes she said something even she doesn’t mean it. She is full of missionaries, experiments and tests. She’s secretive. You’ll need more effort to understand her dramas and her weird simple language. She never gets satisfied. You’ll end up tired understanding her.

Now it was like I’m describing woman as whole, not on the girls who read? Haha. Well, I have to admit – understanding woman is the hardest mathematical ever.

And don’t fall in love with the girl who reads? Wait, really? Could we choose with whom we can fall in love?


Speak your mind here! :]

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