Transformation is the modern definition of “change”

Watched a video about transformation of Malaysia and I think, Malaysia had transformed much in term of social care. Still have more to go, but at least we’re on the right track. I believe we will achieve greater transformation in every possible aspects. There’s a lot of schemes provided to ensure every kid can get equal education; in urban or rural area, helping scheme for those who wanna start a business, for single mother, and so on. I’m one proud Malaysian. I know, Malaysian – typically look down everything that happened here. Everything is WRONG in their eyes. Everything was complained, commented, rejected, and manipulated. Say it good or bad – that group is always there, taking a job in making conclusion that everything is BAD and contain negative agenda. Maybe some of them could be true, but not in every cases? They never see things in bright side. They act as if they are the only one who know every inches of the country’s economy, situations, dos and don’ts in managing a nation – but in fact they produce nothing, not even a single productive solution and action. 57 years – we are on our way in progressing. I think the problem of Malaysia is the peoples. Think-less, thought-less, absent-minded and very scared of making a change. We even laughed on the brilliant, outstanding ideas – we often see things as IMPOSSIBLE without giving a try. If that’s so, how much progress we could make? Yet we demand for changes while we ourselves are being static.

I had observed this weakness including today. Someone asked me for a help – it was not the first time, but she herself still, refused to help her own self. Having fun around, too lazy to think – I don’t know, it is sad. She’s not the only person I met behaved like that but there was hundreds more. How we are going to heal this kind of group? I am thinking. And found nothing. How do we give an effective approach of awareness so that they can be at least, confident of themselves and try to think of some things. Try to have a thought so that people won’t look you down.

I have still more complains to confess here (haha) because I don’t see any other solution of healing this situation other then they (we) rise and change themselves (ourselves). I am seeking a way on how to make them realise that they to be particular – she – is actually worth a better place in this world, if and only if she’s willing to take a change forward. Don’t be so wilted out – be firm.

It isn’t include the oh-how-long-the-writings-i-hate-and-don’t-want-to-read-‘s syndrome. I can write all my experiences regarding that issue in a full blog page. It is sad. I wish to bring a change on all of the issues. Let see if I could find a way. But it is the hardest thing to educate and change people’s mentality. Mom had said that, and she is all right. Mentality is the craziest subject to be handled. That was one of the reasons why I stopped doing Herbalife. I found myself failed to change people’s mentality. What’s wrong, actually?

So, for this time being, try to be proud and appreciate our country. If you want to make a change in governing this country then start to plan it by a wise action. Why not? You can make a change.

Some of the Malaysians will label me as a pro-Najib, pro-whatsoever-more, haha. I just see Malaysia as a solid Malaysia, my beloved country that we have to take a very good care of it. It is only 57 years, we need to learn so much more.


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