Watched Maleficient two weeks ago, today I felt how Maleficient felt. I mean, I felt her during watching the movie but not until today when somehow I started to understand why she turned hateful, revenge-full, and mean after her wings were cut off.

It was a betrayal.

She was betrayed by the person she loves and trusts.  Nothing more awful than that, huh?It is hurt that a person rape out our trust that we gave on them. We thought we’d been trusted, we’re the best thing happened on them and it was like a bright spotlight that suddenly turned on right in front of our face. That shock, that disturbing moment -silently we’re broken into pieces and never did we will trust them again.

Well, I don’t even mind (I try) because after this, you’re only not more than an absent piece of dust.

It will never work out to give trust on random people. I should be aware on that earlier.


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