3.14 am

The longest period of no update,  nothing went wrong- I just try to calm down and search my self back. Fixing me and it really needs time.

So, how was your Ramadhan? Is it better or worsen? Since all the devils were tied off during this month, now we can see clearly the devil part of ourselves. Anyway, it is never too late to make a change, to turn to the better us. This is the right time. 

I wanna write so much. So muchhh! In fact, I got a lot of idea in a day but alas I brought no laptop along. I miss to open up a blank Microsoft Word directly and started to focus on the keyboard and type quickly like I was run after a stormy, big wave. Drafting on my cell phone is too mainstream, not to mention that people will label me as an anti social-youth-who-keep-typing-on-her-mobile-phone. Haha.

How the internship is going?

Great! I’m trying to enjoy every bit of it. The story will be updated at my baby blog – the same domain but with different url address.

Can’t sleep, I’m all sweating. What a big mess, I need to start my tomorrow at the very early hour.


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