I’m a racist

Had a long talk with En Shakir, one of the staffs that I comfortable with, after En Wan and En Nik. He is right about the fate of our race. He is totally right about the worries. About our kids, achievements, attitudes and whatnot.

When it comes to this issue, I’m not going to blame anyone who says I’m a racist. I am, indeed. He touched about how important is to be a proactive worker and learner. How to copy the way of other races in holding a stable and high world impressions. He said- No matter how ZERO we are at the starting line; we can always be a hero if we are willing to throw aside all the egos and keep learning. Never feel stupid in asking questions, show your interests, and start to act like an alive person. An alive person who knows what he/she wants in this life, who are able to stand alone in the crowds and decide the best for themselves.

We are too blend into the norm, we’re stuck at the judging power of our old community. We had been tied off for too long, weakened – maybe this is the right time for us to let ourselves go. It is the time to cracked off our outer shell. If it seems so difficult, you can try and try again.. sky is the limit,remember?

Till then, I actually forgot how to write in a good way.. I think genes of writing inside me starting to vanish out slowly. Soul-less. Plain.

We must try to get out from this cage

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