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Having a definite life goal is a way too charming, while not having any is a shame, a bit of life failures. Haha, and I kinda feel that failures too often recently – when people around me were buzzing about their life goals, plans and  all – I saw nothing but a hollow midst. I’d never become sure what I wanna end up with, I got no pleasure of following what people usually did with their lives. The norm – how do I get out from this norm curse?

Today, let say I just found a leading light. A light at the end of the dark tunnel that I’d been searching for. I know this is all what I wanna do for my remained life and age. I found my infinite joy doing that. It is like when someone take me diving deep into the ocean, watching the colourful starfish and the mesmerizing corals. That feeling – I found in it.

Pray for my failure to fade away. Pray so that the midst will be blown away slowly by that cold wind.

July 25,2014




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