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prtrait of the year #homie #five

portrait of the year #homie #five

Allah sends these peoples as a reason for me to live my best. For me to be strong and stronger in every painful bits, as a catalyst for me to stand up again after every falls. For me to be a better me.

Among the trio, I’m the one who is often absent. These four, five years – I’d missed a series of vacations (jealous!) and family events, critical moments, and the most important thing is – maybe, just maybe I’m the one who are less in understanding mak abah because I spent more times abroad rather than being home.

No worry. Love can be expressed in many ways.I’m still learning to understand people around me, understanding me myself. Alhamdulillah for this great backbone. I can’t imagine how to stand strong without these amazing team.

So, one day left for holiday. Argh. I wonder why.


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