Ramadhan, Thoughts

Let the scent stays – Ramadhan

Welcome back! This isolated island is now floated again. Yosh! Happy Eidulfitri, may the past Ramadhan become a refreshing air and a great motivation and lesson for us in worshiping Allah, The Almighty. Happy return to fitrah! But make sure this new fitrah that we hold are better than our yesterday.

So, what had Ramadhan gave to you? Have you change even in a minute aspect? Lesson? Is it possible to make the lesson to stay for the rest of our lives? The worst is why we haven’t learnt any lesson during the noble month?  I thought about this year by year after each Ramadhan. Some of the lessons we (I) learnt flew away after two or three months after Ramadhan, never it stayed for a bit longer – which doesn’t surprised me. We have to not let the determination get cold and vanished by time. It should be refreshed and renewed at an interval.

Grew older (and wiser?), I reflected a lot on this one thing – Focus. I seek for a definition of the real focus in worshipping Allah. How to kick out the worldly scent out of our mind while we are facing Allah? How to ignore the uncertain and stop worrying about some things that is obviously are out of our control? We have to learn and understand about the “total submission”. Every problems and heart diseases we ever faced and experienced, I believe it was rooted from the lacked focus on Allah. It is interesting to sit and think deeply about this.

More about Eid after this! Stay bless people :]



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