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Published! :]

Yes, the book is now on the bookshelf in the bookstore. Go get a copy, I wrote one of the short stories inside. Kalau best bagitau, kalau sucks pun please bagitau jugak XD

Me, myself doesn’t own a copy yet. Will peek into the bookstore later
InsyaAllah. Can’t wait!

That’s just a little-tiny-dusty kickstart but frankly said, it means a world for me. Yosh!


Denah sent me a picture showing someone had already bought the book. I love the simplicity of the cover, looks fresh!

*Do-it = duit = money.


Liebster Award Nomination

Award what?

Liebster? I never know that kind of award do exist. Not until today when Alia Zamani commented on my latest post saying I’ve been nominated for the award. I mean, this blog. Not me. Lol.

By the way thanks dear for the nomination. I ( how to emphasis “I” in writing?) really appreciate it.

Ok, it goes like this.

The rules for the Liebster Award:

1. Link to the person who nominated you
2. Answer their questions
3. Nominate new blogs for the award
4. Ask them 10 questions
5. Let the nominees know they have been nominated

And here’s her 10 questions and my answer

1) What kind of clothing style that you like?

Any style as long as it covers what should be covered.

2) Describe my blog in one word.

That one word,  I choose “life”. Is’t okay sis? :]

3) What do you think the best boyfriend should be?

He, who accompanies his girl reading. And he is reading too. And they share what they read. And when the girl turn into another page, she found a romantic love notes from him.

*hahha. Ignore my dream.

4) When was the last time you exercised

Err. A week ago.

5) Singing or dancing?

I would go with singing. But I hardly remember lyrics -_-

6) Between procrastinate and plagiarize, which is the worst?

Plagiarize of course. I hate that.

7) Do you need a bolster during bedtime?

Oh no need.

Need more air conditioner or at least a fan. Hoho.

8) Have you ever buy something online and what is it?

Yeah..shawl for example.

9) Your most favourite Hollywood movie.

A lot, but currently it is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (My friend hate it, I don’t understand why).

10) Chopsticks or fork

Fork! Why make things difficult by using chopstick? Hee

And my nomination goes to:

1. Alf Sukatmo

2. Carissa

3. Along

Here’s my questions for you guys. Happy answering! 😀

1. When you get angry, what will you do?

2. Ocean or forest? Why?

3. When is your last time of being brave?

4. Do you prefer higher education or a simple life with practical experience?

5. What is your favorite flower?

6. What is your dream place on this planet?

7. What are the three criterias that your soulmate should have.

8. Which one do you prefer: coffee or chocolate?

9. If you have one advice on life, what is that?

10. What make you bored?

For fun ohkayh, if you’re busy then leave it. I don’t mind :]

So that’s all. Oh ya, this blog is now 2 y/o with 500+ posts. I’ve never thought this thing could reach this far. It has been a wonderful year, seriously ♡

Nah bunga untuk awak punya anniversary >>


Tulips for sureeee >. <


The plot

Scrolling down social medias just to fit in the routine to see what everyone is up to. Not really interested in theirs but at least it gives me time to sit back, rest, and thinking. Day at work? Ugh, getting bored day by day, not much things could be done since the lobsters doesn’t seem to release their eggs yet.

While I’m settling down the mess unwashed plates in the sink, I remembered about the topic we discussed at Warung Mak Tam this afternoon. It was, again about life.

I think,  maybe the conclusion goes like this – it is your life, your story. It is up to you how to write it. Never let anything or anybody distract your writing. 

and for that,  I will stick to my story plot. Allah knows best indeed.

Lovely weather here. Enjoy yah :]



Somebody, someday

No matter how tragically lonely you are, or that you felt like you’re the most invisible living organism living attached to the most isolated biota out of this floated planet, regardless how sometimes you felt like screaming to tell others that you’re there, right beside them – no matter how keen you try to show some sort of your presence significance in the universe, just remember : you need not to do so. Or literally, STOP it. It’s not worth it. Tiring. It shows that you’re dying, slowly.

Find someone that you don’t have to do a majestic, hiperbolic move to make them noticed you. They noticed you because they really are. You doesn’t need to replace the sun place above for them too see you shining over. They see the shines in you even at your lowest. They love you inside out, unconditionally.

I know that type of person do exist. But I’m not sure how lucky we need to be to meet someone like that.

Never feel tired to be yourself. Your own self. At one turning point, somewhere, someday – there will be somebody that love and appreciate you wholly. Just somebody.


Just saying. For those who felt a kind of lonely when being their own selves.



Did anyone put in the drug?

Internship will be ended very soon, in less than a month. Just like what I’m always pray, time flew so much fast than I was expected. I’m not hating my internship when I was hoping the time will fly in a blink speed, in fact I did learned a lot and quite much friendship were build (so as that vanished away) along this way. I’m outzoning-myself sometimes, and part of hidden me showed up during this period. I, in most of the time – am secretive. Worsen than I was before. I don’t know, maybe world tells me to keep everything inside. How I wish for a good listener. I have a mountain full of unanswered-doubts-and-thoughts-that-need-to-be-discussed. I tried to jot down some of them so that I could make a write up later, but you know..

Okay then, let finish up this honey-pomegranate before going to bed. I don’t know what makes me disturbed, had less sleep these days and felt fresh like someone put in some drugs inside my glass.


- with classic wooden spoon. Love!

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Organically live

What has been my major interest right now? At this life stage?

One of them is – I’m going for organic. I tried to be as organic as I can. I have significant goal to achieve a better health through that mean.

It is time for us to really care about ourselves. If we don’t, who will? So, I had started (2 weeks ago) with honey and its forever-mate ; pomegranate juice! Oh they really taste wonderful on your buds, believe me. Superlicious! 

I’ve read a lot about their benefits. And it is worth-consuming. You can always choose to drink them separately or just combine it into a cup (I preferred this to lower down the juice’s acidity) with ratio of 1 honey : 2 pomegranate juice. Modifiable according to your hati. No harm.

I tried to make it as a habit to drink them every morning and night before breakfast and going to bed. Or anytime in between, it’s up to you.

Next is green tea. Green tea, according to a lot of source, it works in detoxification and helps in slimming too. Wow! So, starting 2 days ago, I’ve made a crazy decision. I soak three sachets into 2-litres bottle and drink it like a king. Haha. I drank 4-litres of green tea plus 2-litres more plain water. Sum up with the honey and pomegranate,  I can say that I drink nearly about 7-litres of water per day. *In the name of detoxification*

We, human need at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day. No “kesian kat buah pinggang” kinda of rumors. Our body indeed functions well with enough water.



Honey-pomegranate juice-ice


"Water your body" apps. It records your daily water intake.

One thing is you will have to befriend with your toilet before you get used to it. Oh, to avoid sleep disturbance, do not drink one or two hours before sleep.

Next is homemade remedial for beauty. Hahah. As I’m a lazy beginner, so I started with cinnamon powder to prevent and get lost of the acnes. Works la jugak but not as fast as other cosmetic products that had been intruded with a mountain of chemicals. I’ve tried wearing a flour-rice mask to control face sebum (face oil) but it just lasts for 2 days then laziness won.

Last but not least, exercising and watch sleeping hours. Type of exercise that suits most the laziest human being? I’ll reveal later 😛

It is too fast to talk about the testimonials here but I do have some. In the next entry insyaAllah, otherwise this essay would be endlessly lengthy.

So, happy organic-ing. Insert less chemical into your body 🙂