Dr Faisal came today as our internship evaluator. It was my first time meeting him, but he looks familiar enough – UNIMAS kinda of face. Hehe. I started to miss that land especially today when I reviewed back all the photos and memories saved inside this phone gallery. How time really flies! I (still) couldn’t believe that the journey was now ended. I miss the way I struggle to meet up all the deadlines, sitting on my study table writing the showering ideas and stories that popped up on my mind at 1 am. I miss the rain sound that danced on my rooftop. I miss the  peoples, I miss eating my routine food, and hills more!

Oh about his short visit just now, well I thought it would be something serious and full of protocol. I’m dead if it turned out to be one because my logbook is still far from complete! To my surprised, it was just a casual meeting. Nothing serious, it was like a daddy who visits his daughters. Random talking and joking.

It is a proud moment to show him my department unit. Felt like I’m a tourist guide who gave a short briefing to a foreigner tourist.

Well, he asked about our plan in the future. He gave his opinion too. He said this golden words “You have to know what you want”. I know this saying well, in fact I lived with that motto all these times. But now, it was like I’m stuck in second gear.

People doesn’t put themselves inside my shoes, so they doesn’t seem to understand. It’s okay, I didn’t expect any understanding from anyone :]

We’re in different boat, friend.


In short, everything went smoothly.  Alhamdulillah. He is a friendly-humble Dr. Thanks Dr! Pray for us :]


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