CERPEN, Passionate

It is progressing!

Hi there! remember this great news? After that day, I’ve been eagerly checking my email day by day hoping to receive any progressive news from them.

So, today is the revealing day! I’ve received an email from them showing how the book will look like a.k.a its front cover. Glad to inform you that it will be published in this 3 weeks time! Alhamdulillah, finally it will be soon published.

It is a small good start anyway even the book isn’t authorized fully under my name. At least my name will be under the title of the story that I wrote, inside the book.

Oh, if anyone was ever wonder about the format of the book, it goes like this. The book is actually an antology (different short stories from different chosen authors) on a topic issue. A very interesting issue, believe me :]

On the next update ( in 3 weeks or so), I will update more about why you should own a copy of that book. And also what makes me write the story and the value it holds. Exciting!

This small honor is really a good and precious start for me. Pray so that I will own a book which “Izni Arifah Shuib” is written as its author, one day XD.

So, till then. It’s difficult for not having a laptop with wi-fi around. Craving hard to write like those times.

Life is not like a water. Things in life doesn’t necessarily flow over the shortest possible route.

Haruki Murakami,1Q84


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