The first 20 hours

“The greatest things in the world are brought about by other things which we count as nothing: little causes we overlook but which at length accumulate.”

So true, no?

Read it in “The First 20 Hours” book, one of the books that I found inspiring and refreshing. I know a book entitled “The Power of Now” (never read it) and I think the theory is the same. It is all about how enthusiastic we are in acquiring a new skill or just at least, to reach our daily life goal. How to be a very positive and productive people, the way we look ourselves, mind over matter thingy, and all – this book win!

After all, I think I should reschedule my daily days and re-set the surrounding vibes and goals. My enthusiasm is now renewed! The book really came on the right time.

Below is another motivating snippet. Happy reading!

“At every moment of every day I must decide what I am going to do the next moment;  and no one can make this decision for me, or take my place in this.”

Here’s a simple truth: the only time you can choose is today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month or next year. Today. When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice. You can choose to invest your time  acquiring skills that will make your life more successful, enjoyable, and rewarding…  or you can squander your time doing something else.



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