Organically live

What has been my major interest right now? At this life stage?

One of them is – I’m going for organic. I tried to be as organic as I can. I have significant goal to achieve a better health through that mean.

It is time for us to really care about ourselves. If we don’t, who will? So, I had started (2 weeks ago) with honey and its forever-mate ; pomegranate juice! Oh they really taste wonderful on your buds, believe me. Superlicious! 

I’ve read a lot about their benefits. And it is worth-consuming. You can always choose to drink them separately or just combine it into a cup (I preferred this to lower down the juice’s acidity) with ratio of 1 honey : 2 pomegranate juice. Modifiable according to your hati. No harm.

I tried to make it as a habit to drink them every morning and night before breakfast and going to bed. Or anytime in between, it’s up to you.

Next is green tea. Green tea, according to a lot of source, it works in detoxification and helps in slimming too. Wow! So, starting 2 days ago, I’ve made a crazy decision. I soak three sachets into 2-litres bottle and drink it like a king. Haha. I drank 4-litres of green tea plus 2-litres more plain water. Sum up with the honey and pomegranate,  I can say that I drink nearly about 7-litres of water per day. *In the name of detoxification*

We, human need at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day. No “kesian kat buah pinggang” kinda of rumors. Our body indeed functions well with enough water.


Honey-pomegranate juice-ice
"Water your body" apps. It records your daily water intake.

One thing is you will have to befriend with your toilet before you get used to it. Oh, to avoid sleep disturbance, do not drink one or two hours before sleep.

Next is homemade remedial for beauty. Hahah. As I’m a lazy beginner, so I started with cinnamon powder to prevent and get lost of the acnes. Works la jugak but not as fast as other cosmetic products that had been intruded with a mountain of chemicals. I’ve tried wearing a flour-rice mask to control face sebum (face oil) but it just lasts for 2 days then laziness won.

Last but not least, exercising and watch sleeping hours. Type of exercise that suits most the laziest human being? I’ll reveal later 😛

It is too fast to talk about the testimonials here but I do have some. In the next entry insyaAllah, otherwise this essay would be endlessly lengthy.

So, happy organic-ing. Insert less chemical into your body 🙂


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