Somebody, someday

No matter how tragically lonely you are, or that you felt like you’re the most invisible living organism living attached to the most isolated biota out of this floated planet, regardless how sometimes you felt like screaming to tell others that you’re there, right beside them – no matter how keen you try to show some sort of your presence significance in the universe, just remember : you need not to do so. Or literally, STOP it. It’s not worth it. Tiring. It shows that you’re dying, slowly.

Find someone that you don’t have to do a majestic, hiperbolic move to make them noticed you. They noticed you because they really are. You doesn’t need to replace the sun place above for them too see you shining over. They see the shines in you even at your lowest. They love you inside out, unconditionally.

I know that type of person do exist. But I’m not sure how lucky we need to be to meet someone like that.

Never feel tired to be yourself. Your own self. At one turning point, somewhere, someday – there will be somebody that love and appreciate you wholly. Just somebody.


Just saying. For those who felt a kind of lonely when being their own selves.



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