Meet closetbyher! A newly grown brand ; based on instagram (instashop) – @closetbyher

My new mini business, together with the sisters. I’ve tried the long-super-easy-comfy shawls, and straight away fell in love!

For now, we focus on ezzyshawl, pastel colours in stock. Refer below for the available colours :

new color

place your order while stock lasts! it is limited.

Material : soft, high quality chiffon crepe

size : 2m x 0.77m

Price : RM 25

to purchase or for any inquiries, whatsapp me on 012-4492811

happy trying! :]


Donut’s story

Spending time eating my favorite donut. I bought two ; one is my all-time favorite and the other one is a new-trial. Just for fun, trying a new thing.

It is surprising that the one I’ve never tried before is more delicious than the all-time favorite donut. If I’m not dare of trying the new donut, maybe I will still stuck in the donut that I favored but now the taste was changed. Now that I love the new donut, it gives me confidence to leave the old donut. I still adore its old flavour, but yeah the fact wasn’t there anymore. Well, not under my control, so what else I can do?

So, sometimes, things are worth trying and sacrifice for. No matter how hard you’re at the first moment, in this case – deciding to try the new donut – believe me anything that comes after is better. Never be afraid to jump out of your zone. Try a new thing, challenge yourself and dare to change for the better you. It’s not easy but it’s going to be worth it.

After all, it is just about donut. Over-analysing me. Heh.


*Murakami’s book is displayed at the bookstore. Excited to see it but alas, too pricy. Unaffordable for now 😦

the forgotten letter

I thought after I gave the letter, after everything that I saw and heard, after I put such bravery like I had never before, after all what had happened – the thing will be settled down, beautifully. I thought I was successfully solved the problem. I tried to forgive and forget. Hardly tried.

But halfway towards it, things started to turn wrong. The changes does not stay any longer, my hatred grow bigger.

Then I realised that I have to pray even more for you. For you to have a consistent change, and when the day arrived, I will be a happiest human being on earth. I will pray for that, because you’re special.

Stay blessed.

Don't despair and never lose hope.

Don’t despair and never lose hope.

name obsession?

It has been a while since the last time I peeked into the theme option. Didn’t realise that there are some new gorgeous themes that was offered. Forgetting the urge feeling to own a premium theme (paid theme comes in different, unique and beautiful theme!), I chose this as my current theme. Oh yes, it took 3 hours *or more* for me to decide – I love my old theme very much,but some things have to be renew,no?

It is a love at the first sight and when it was first published, wow I was stunned with my big, wide name up there. It looks like “hey, this is my name! My blog! So much special and important – mind the font size – so you better remember this name”. haha.

Wait, do you proud of having your name now? Do you love that? Well, I do. But seriously it is not the real intention of picking up this blog theme ( I told you it’s a first sight love 😛 )

I remembered when I asked my mom. If I want to be a writer someday, what name I should put on? And when she replied, I wasn’t sure about that. I doubted whether the name can stand out, whether people will look at the name and so and so. So, I use the name, the deserted name. Time passed, I started to regain my confidence. I turned out loving the name so much because nobody in this world having the same name like mine or better yet there’s nobody can be me, except me my true self.

Am I obsessed with my name? Not really. It is a gift, so I used it :]

I don’t know where is the exact link with the header font’s theme that I wish to link with, but please ignore the large-ever-blog-name displayed. Control your vomit and nausea by scrolling straight down to the blog content. Heh

So, that’s all at this 2.43 am.

Time to get a sound rest. Let’s give a way for the moon to make a good date with darkness of the universe.


One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

This is fun – Alf (visit his blog! I love his words and drawings) nominated this blog for One Lovely Blog Award in his recent post. Thanks for the nomination, really appreciate it :]


So, here comes the rules :

1. Thanks to the person who has nominated you. Provide a link to his/her blog.

2. List the rules and display the award image.

3. Include 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated. This is a way to introduce others to bloggers that you love.

5. Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

I never think of any fact about me before. So, this is a revealing moment :p 

7 facts about me:

– hardly remember maps, names, roads and directions
– love space more than the earth

and the five more, – –

So I guess, that’s all, I surrendered here. Haha.

The good old times

Have been reading Thought Catalog a lot these days, I don’t know – – just love the content. And the planning to really digest the books that I had during those good old times, 5 – 6 years ago. I just noticed that I had never finish reading them. I don’t know about other’s early teenage years, but mine was mostly about Kosmik magazine, paranormal, space-astronomy thingy, Armagedon, end of the world research issues and things that a teen wouldn’t have interest on. What a boring teenager I was. Haha I’m a keen reader and follower in any updates on those topic. But since I’ve been busy on diverse things, I kinda lost the recent updates.

Just two days ago, I heard the terms of exoplanet and exomoon, and the probability of living on the moon. Things get interesting out there!

Maybe it’s the right time to sink beyond it again. The good old days, how I miss it!


image Brought this stuff when I was struggling to find a healthy and nutritional breakfast a month ago. After quite a number of hardly-sleep-night, thinking what should I take during my breakfast that can provide the body system with enough nutrition with low calories (call me weird, haha but recently I’m too much into health concern), I turned out buying this.

Called Muesli. By tesco (how hard I’m to be not paranoid about Tesco Brand!). It is whole grain oat and wheat flakes with raisins, crunchy hazelnut and almonds. Those nuts are my nut. So I trapped buying that. Haha.

Worth buying! Delicious and crunchy as promised. A good choice whenever you need some snack to munch on. Make it royals by adding up 1-2 ts of honey or milk.

Most important, it makes you full. That’s enough for a human, huh?

Day 3 Eat Clean Programme. I lost 1.4 kg. I don’t know if the scale is not functioning well. Haha.

My obsession? This.


When it comes to vege, I’m obsessed with broccoli! Who doesn’t love broccoli? Er, yea, some people do.

For Eat Clean Programme – Day 1 : I decided to grill those lovely broccoli and carrots with one and a quarter spoons of corn oil – – seasoning with pepper and  Oregano. Eat along with some rice and fried Indian mackerels.

Haha. Not so clean but it’s okay, there’s always a room for improvement. It was just a beginning.